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Yamaha 04Gen Scooter Concept Debuts in Vietnam


For many readers, it might be hard to get excited about a story that covers a scooter design, but hang with us for a second. Yamaha is at the 2016 Vietnam Motorcycle Show right now – the first first motorcycle show event held in Vietnam – showing off its latest creation, in Ho Chi Minh City.

Regular A&R readers will know how massively important the Southeast Asian market is to the big manufacturers, especially the Japanese brands, but the Yamaha 04Gen scooter concept debuting in Vietnam today is important for Western riders as well.

Part of Yamaha’s “refined dynamism” kick, the Yamaha 04Gen (as the name implies) is the fourth creation from the Iwata-based company, which takes a closer look at how best to move people from Point A to Point B (check our coverage of the 01Gen & 03Gen bikes; FYI, the 02Gen was a wheelchair design, which we didn’t cover.

The lines of the Yamaha 04Gen are flowing and attractive, and for a brief second it looks like a scooter you would expect to see at home on the streets of Milan, not Tokyo.

On closer examination though, we can see that Yamaha is playing translucent materials as a design aesthetic. This is something that we don’t see too often in the motorcycling realm; and from the photos, it looks like Yamaha has pulled off the effect masterfully.

Expect to see more “Gen” concepts from Yamaha in the future, and hopefully something the Yamaha 04Gen comes to market. We like it.












Source: Yamaha


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