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Wow! Mobil Ini Bisa Melaju Cepat di Darat & Laut


Bagi para penggemar, mobil super ini menjadi mobil impian. Di darat, mobil ini bisa melaju 201km/jam dan di laut, mobil ini bisa melaju 100km/jam. Penasaran?
Mobil ciptaan Marc Witt ini diberi nama Sea Lion. Kabar baiknya, Anda bisa memiliki mobil yang sudah dipasarkan ini seharga US$259.500 (Rp2,4 miliar). Berlapis alumunium dan besi antikarat, membuat mobil ini sedemikian rupa hingga antiair.
Mobil ini masuk ke dalam 25 mobil amfibi tercepat yang pernah ada. “Membuat Sea Lion merupakan eksplorasi yang menyenangkan. Dasar arsitektur mobil ini merupakan interaksi antara mobil dan kapal,” kata Marc seperti dikutip DM.

ini baru yang nama nya BIG SIZE .. galeri GUK GUK RAKSASA …

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In this post I explain how to disassemble Asus K-series notebook and get access to main internal parts.

As an example I took a Asus K50IJ notebook. I believe disassembly steps will be same or very similar for all models in Asus K line.

Let me know if this guide works for your Asus notebook. Please mention the model number in comments below.

Make sure the laptop is turned off.



Remove the battery.

Remove one screw securing the bottom cover.

Remove four screws securing the bottom cover on the back side of the notebook.

Slide the bottom cover to the shown direction.

Remove the bottom cover.

Under the bottom cover you’ll get an easy access to the memory module, hard drive, CMOS battery, cooling fan, DVD drive, wireless card and heat sink with processor.

Remove one screw securing the DVD dirve.

Slide the DVD drive to the right and remove it from the notebook.


Remove four screws securing the hard drive assembly.

Slide the hard drive assembly to the right to disconnect it from the connector on motherboard.


Remove the hard drive assembly.

Now you can separate the hard drive from the caddy and replace it with a new one if needed. As you see, it’s a SATA hard drive.

Spread latches on both sides of the memory module and after the module pops up at a 30 degree angle, carefully pull it from the slot by the edges.

In this particular notebook I found only one memory slot. It looks like some memory was integrated into the motherboard.

Not sure if all Asus K series notebooks have only one memory slot.

Remove three screws securing the cooling fan.

Unplug fan cable from the motherboard.

Now you can remove the fan.


In order to remove the keyboard it’s not necessary to go though all previous disassembly steps.

There are five small spring loaded latches securing the keyboard.

I pointed to them with yellow arrows.

In order to unlock the latch, simply press on it with a sharp object.

At the same time pull the keyboard upwards.

After all latches unlocked, you can lift up the keyboard as it shown on the picture below.

Carefully place the keyboard upside down on the palm rest.

Before you can disconnect the keyboard cable, you have to unlock the connector.

The keyboard cable is jammed between the white connector base and brown locking clip.

On the following picture the connector is shown in locked position.

Move the locking clip about 2 millimeters to the left (do not move any further).

The locking clip must stay attached to the white base.

On the following picture the connector is shown in unlocked position. Now you can pull the keyboard cable from the connector.

Finally, remove the keyboard and replace it with a new one if needed.





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